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Hp Printer Slow and Not Printing Properly: What to Do?


HP Printers, from the time of their establishment, has always served its users with benefits of printing and advantages of the composition. But there have been times in life when the user came across many HP Printer problems. Issues like printer being slow or it not printing correctly. In circumstances like these, the user can follow these necessary steps to help the printer with speed and efficiency.



Fixing HP Printer Slow Issues


If HP Printer is not printing properly then the user can follow these steps to help it troubleshoot with the bugs.


Step 1 Reset the HP Printer


  • To reset the printer the user needs to turn on the printer and wait for some time.
  • The user now has to disconnect the power chords and wait for another few seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cord and then turn on the printer.


Step2 Verify the HP Driver


  • Tap on the "Devices and printers" option from the list
  • Tap on the icon showing printer sign and set the preferences of the printer
  • Look for the paper type data and make sure that the plain paper option is selected
  • In the section stating "Quality Settings area," the user needs to verify that the draft or standard option is selected
  • Tap the ok option and press apply to confirm the changes to solve the HP Printer slow issues


Step3 Update the Firmware of the HP Printer


  • See that the HP printer is connected to the local network or a USB wire.
  • Now the user needs to identify the product and tap the option which says "Printer," the user needs to type the model and then press ok.
  • See which version of the window is installed, if the user wishes to change it, then they can change the Windows.
  • Now tap firmware and tap download.
  • The user needs to save the file on their system and locate it to install the data on the PC.


Fixing HP not Printing Issues


For HP Printer troubleshooting, which includes the not printing error, the user can follow these following steps.


Method 1 Clear the Cookies and Cache Memory


  • The user needs to tap the menu of the browser they are using followed by the settings option
  • Now tap the privacy option and go to the "Time Range" menu. The user now needs to select the “all time" option
  • Tick the option stating "cookies and site data."
  • Click clear data.


Method2 Update the Driver


  • Look for the model number and tap on the options stating "support and driver."
  • Now select the download driver and software button
  • Type the name and model number of the printer
  • Then download the driver under driver heading option


These are some of the instructions and steps which the user can solve the slowing and printing issues. If the user still feels that they need more guidance related to the topic, then they can contact the HP customer support number. The expert would guide the user with the troubleshooting and fix steps.


Simple and Easy Steps for Canon Printer Setup and Installation

Canon printers are considered to be the best device for printing up documents and data. But often they encounter various issues like paper jamming, installation issue or setup difficulty. Therefore to resolve Canon Printer paper jam issue or to troubleshoot the installation issue the user needs to follow certain steps. It is obvious that the printer would be of no use if it does not work until the user installs the included drivers and software. If the user has lost the CD for the printer, then they can download the drivers for the printer and use the drivers to install the printer. Therefore, to follow up the simple steps of setup and installation, the user can comprehend the following factors:

canon customer support


How to Fix and Setup Canon Printer?


For Canon wireless printer setup the user needs to follow up the following steps:


Connecting the Printer to the System


  • Connect the printer to the network either using a USB cord, parallel port wire, or a cable and then can connect the power plug to a power outlet.
  • A laptop system works the same way as a PC system and can use any of the connections if they are available.
  • Smartphone and tablet users must have a printer that can connect to media wirelessly or over the Internet to reprint.


Setup Printer and Install Software


  • Each printer comes with software used to install a printer in Windows or the operating system.
  • After everything has been switched in the system, the user has to follow the steps for Canon Printer Setup
  • Insert the CD that arrived with the printer. If the CD does not automatically begin, open the setting of "My Computer." Double tap on the CD drive, and then tap on the setup or Install file. If the user has downloaded the drivers, run the downloaded setup folder.
  • Follow the installation steps, and once it is completed, the software is then installed.
  • Test the printer to make sure it is working.


Computer with no CD Drive


If the system does consist of a disc drive or the CD is lost, then the user can download the software for the printer from the manufactures printers’ driver page. Once the drivers have been downloaded, the user can run the file to install the drivers.


Installing a Printer only using the Drivers


  • If the user wants the Canon printer setup then they have to connect with the extra software programs, the user can install the printer driver by following the steps below.
  • A listing of printer drivers and software is on the printer driver’s page.
  • With the printer connected and switched on, open the Control Panel.
  • In the Control Panel double-click the Printers or Printers and Fax icon.
  • In the Printers window, tap the “add printers” icon.
  • After performing the above instructions, the user should see the Windows Printer Wizard. Tap next to start the wizard.
  • Next, the user has the choice of installing a Local or Network printer. If the printer is connected to the system, select the Local printer attached to the system and tap Next.
  • When indicated for the location of the printer drivers, scan to the directory of the drivers or point it to the printer CD.


Testing the Printer


After the Canon printer installation is completed, the user can use Windows to print a self-test page to help test the printer is working.

  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Double-tap the Devices and Printers, Printers, or Printers and Fax option.
  • Tap on the printer, which the user needs to test. Tap properties option. If the user does not see the printer, the printer is not installed.
  • In the Printers Properties window, tap the print test page option.
  • If the printer can print a test option, the printer is installed and set up correctly. However, if the user is unable to reproduce in other programs, the program is attempting to write from has issues.


If the user still has issues on how to install and setup Canon Printer on the system, then they can contact the helpline service of Canon Customer support number.  The professionals would provide with easy fixes and detailed instructions.


Epson Printer Printing With Missing or Blank Lines: How to Fix the Banding?

The system including the printing aspect is a widespread issue with the Epson Wireless Printers. However, often times there are problems with the Epson printer printing with lines missing or any other printing error for that matter. In such cases, the printer fails to work. Sometimes the user chooses a wrong IP address and loses to configure a static IP address with the Printer. The problem is faced mostly by the new Epson Wireless Printer users. A new user may not know how to configure the network settings in the Printer, hence miss-configured the device. Similarly, there are times when the user faces issues in its banding. They have no idea on how to solve the error, therefore to troubleshoot it the user needs to follow the following instructions which would help them with the solutions and support.



Troubleshooting Banding Issues in Epson Printer


To fix the printing and banding problems which include the  can be conquered via these steps:


Horizontal Banding


  • Verify that the printable surface of the paper is face up in the sheet feeder.
  • Operate the head cleaning utility to clear any clogged ink nozzles.
  • Operate the Printhead Alignment utility.
  • Remove all customized settings by choosing automatic as the mode setting on the printer software's main menu (Windows) or in the print dialog option.
  • Verify the ink out of the light. If the light is flashing, substitute the appropriate ink cartridge. Verify by replacing an empty ink cartridge for details.
  • Verify that the Maximum is not chosen as the printable area setting in the printer software. When this setting is chosen, banding may happen in the expanded area.
  • Verify that the media type is selected in the printer software is suitable for the kind of media loaded in the printer to troubleshoot Epson printer printing blank lines.
  • Verify that the microwave checkbox is chosen when available in the advanced dialog box. For Windows users, see making advanced settings for details.


Vertical Misalignment or Banding


  • Verify that the printable section of the paper is facing up in the sheet feeder.
  • Run the Print Head Alignment service.
  • Often times Epson printer prints the image where the lines are seen above it.Epson printer lines through pictures due to the error in vertical banding
  • Clean the High-Speed checkbox in the advanced dialog box. For Windows users, see the making of the advanced settings for details.
  • Operate the head cleaning utility to clean any clogged ink nozzles.
  • Verify that the media type setting is chosen in the printer software is a suitable way for the kind of media loaded in the printer.
  • Make sure the microwave checkbox is chosen when available in the advanced dialog box. For Windows customers, see making advanced settings for details.

If the user is still facing issues in the print job of Epson printer where there is the hindrance of vertical and horizontal banding, then the user can contact the helpline service of Epson printer support number. It is a 24/7 online service which helps the user with all the issues and problems. The experts and professionals help the user at any point in any time.